Welcome to Mahlon Huston Projects

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I'm Mahlon, the Principal designer and chief workman here at Mahlon Huston Projects.   

The objective at Huston Projects is to produce well-engineered, highly crafted furniture that is elegant and unencumbered. The foundation of my design practice relies on the use of computer-aided drafting. Yet, my making process is rooted in working the materials with my hands.

As a native of a small mid-western town, where I was raised in a working class family, I am steeped in the belief that there is both a hardiness and grace that coincides with the self-reliance of the working class.  It is with rigor that I approach each aspect involved in the creation of a piece of furniture.

My guiding principle is that well designed and skillfully produced goods house virtue. By maintaining this principle on the shop floor, the workmanship of the objects empowers both the maker and consumer. I think of this discipline as a way to construct a space in my own mind       “where craft styles elegance”. 

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