Mahlon Huston, born in Bryan Ohio in 1985, founded Mahlon Huston Projects, an independent wood design studio, in 2011. The studio is located in rural Western New York and maintains a supreme focus on making well engineered, highly crafted furniture. The objective in the shop is a simple one: to produce outstanding designs that are crafted to last generations.

Mahlon received his Masters of Fine Arts from Alfred University in the spring of 2011. While in graduate school, his research as a sculptor and eventual thesis work focused on the way architecture produces a particular lexicon in the landscape. He surmised that this lexicon distinctly defines one’s identity, much in the way a dialect defines a region.

Upon completing graduate school, Mahlon turned his focus toward furniture design. His design practice is very much rooted in his graduate research. Mahlon chooses to produce pieces of furniture by which people want to be surrounded in order to buttress each individual’s sense of self. His designs are simultaneously serious, fun, reserved and playful.